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Attempted a pinup style of sorts for the Career Fair on Friday! My friend and I were trying like crazy to figure out how to do those fancy curls, but due to various circumstances it didn’t work out! But hey, not a bad look for a first try I think… and we learned from it, so eventually we’re gonna try again! Maybe for Editor’s Day? Who knows!

Anyway, it was really fun dressing up, and I’d love to do it again! The pinup style is just so much fun!

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comission for wifi-wizerd 

this was so much fun thank you for asking me to draw this

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The End…. april fools!!! see you in four days.

No april’s fools! we are starting the penultimate chapter of Graveyard quest. sorry this time is only three pages, the other updates will be more substantially rewarding. In the meantime, maybe you should catch up on GQ? Just to refresh yourself.


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ayyyy, tessa!



Done by Jared Dale at 12 Tattoos, Groton CT

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this was a journey

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